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Christine Clark

Christine Clark

Assistant Professor
University of Lethbridge

Christine Clark is an Assistant Professor in the Dept of New Media the University of Lethbridge, focusing on web design and development. Her research and creative practice are rooted in design/science collaborations that aim to engage the public and disseminate research, often related to the environment, with the goal of supporting social change at local levels.

Speaking at:

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Mootookakio’ssin: Blackfoot Digital Project

The Blackfoot people have almost no access to their own historical material. Collecting Indigenous objects was a core part of colonial practices. Our project creates detailed digital images of Blackfoot objects in museum in Britain and thereby allows people living in Canada to connect with the knowledge and skills these objects can teach. Mootookakio’ssin (‘distant awareness’) is founded on the core Blackfoot perspective that knowledge is something we have a responsibility to care for and to share. The project aims to support contemporary Blackfoot artists and to build bridges between Blackfoot and non-Indigenous people.

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Christine Clark