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Ciprian Melian

Ciprian Melian


Ciprian Melian is a technology leader pioneering accessible cultural experiences by leveraging artificial intelligence. As founder and CEO of LIVDEO, he champions integrating cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality, image recognition, and AI to create inclusive, immersive cultural solutions. With over 20 years consulting on web, cloud, distributed systems and mobile, Ciprian blends deep technical expertise with cultural understanding.

Under his leadership, LIVDEO, a French Tech and French Touch member company, has developed award-winning innovations democratizing cultural access. The GEED platform enables museums like the Marine Museum and French National Library (BNF) to seamlessly create inclusive smartphone touring apps/web apps without specialized skills. FeelTheArt virtually extends art beyond gallery walls through persistent AR, combining user communities, gamification, and museum collections. Prestigious honors including the 2022 Webby Award and 2021 Good Design Award highlight their impact in ethical technology and AI for accessibility.

Ciprian aims to cultivate a more progressive society through democratized access to arts and culture. Collaborating with academia on data science and language processing research, his vision overcomes linguistic barriers via multilingual chatbots, enhances accessibility for the disabled, and nurtures cultural cohesion. LIVDEO’s solutions create a future where art and heritage universally enrich human experiences.

By deploying solutions for leading institutions like the Smithsonian, Sydney’s MCA, Geneva’s MAH, and Waterloo Memorial, LIVDEO demonstrates its ability to harness innovation to promote inclusivity and accessibility internationally.

Ciprian Melian