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Dr Courtney Nimura

Dr Courtney Nimura

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology

As the Curator for Later European Prehistory, Dr Courtney Nimura cares for and researches the European Late Bronze Age and pre-Roman Iron Age collection in Antiquities and the Iron Age coin collection from Britain and Gaul in the Heberden Coin Room.

She currently leads and collaborates on a variety of research projects, many of which involve digital approaches and new technologies, from Linked Open Data and numismatics to virtual displays and 3D imaging and printing techniques. Courtney completed her PhD at the University of Reading in prehistoric archaeology and Masters degrees in fine art and archaeology.

She has worked in university departments and museums in the USA, UK, and Australia, most recently at the University of Oxford for over 6 years, where she is now based in the Ashmolean Museum.

Dr Courtney Nimura will be speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit:

Evergreen Displays in Virtual Reality

The Ashmolean Museum has over 300,000 coins and currency in its extensive collection. In the Money Gallery, a small fraction of these convey how money can give us an insight into the history of past cultures throughout the world.

This recent case study celebrates a striking temporary display of coins and artefacts from England’s pre-Roman Iron Age, now made forever accessible in Vortic’s virtual reality gallery. The online 3D gallery also seeks to harness the power of virtual reality for the display of smaller objects in the museum.

Dr Courtney Nimura