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Dr. Niels Wouters

Dr. Niels Wouters

Senior Design Researcher
Paper Giant

Dr Niels Wouters is Senior Design Researcher at Paper Giant, a strategic design consultancy that helps organisations understand and solve complex problems. Previously, Niels worked with the University of Melbourne on the design and realisation of award-winning placemaking projects.

Niels frequently provides commentary on societal risks and opportunities of technology trends in print media and on television.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Monday, 4 October 2021

Digital Collections as Urban Placemakers

The University of Melbourne’s Cultural Commons strategy seeks to unlock the breadth of the University’s Cultural Commons in order to reach new and global audiences and inspire scholarship. We will share findings from a global benchmarking study and our steps towards an institutional reimagining of digitisation as a key enabler for engagement and scholarship as well as creating unique placemaking possibilities. As we embed collection items in physical space through projects such as The Digital Bricks, we give visibility to heritage, provide access for community members, and highlight Indigenous knowledge and practice.

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Dr. Niels Wouters