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Dr Niels Wouters

Digital Media Specialist, University of Melbourne

Dr Niels Wouters

Dr Niels Wouters is an Academic Specialist with the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces at the University of Melbourne. 

He studied architectural design, computer science and human-computer interaction in Belgium, Portugal, Austria and Australia. He holds a PhD in architectural engineering from University of Leuven.

Niels investigates the design and functional qualities of media facades and urban screens. To create novel and compelling interactions between the urban realm, architecture and citizens. 

He is currently advising Science Gallery Melbourne on digital media requirements. Including the technical, functional and interpretive scope and design criteria of responsive façades and immersive spaces.

Dr Niels Wouters spoke at MuseumNext Brisbane in 2018. You can watch his presentation here.

Speaking at...

An Ethical Minefield

Digital Summit

Tobacco Theatre

How far can agency over museum experiences go before it becomes invasive and detrimental to visitors’ privacy? What can we sense; what shouldn’t be sensed? What happens if analysis of sensed data reveals –accidentally or purposely– upsetting information about a visitor? These questions contribute to an emerging demand to rethink our collective idea(l)s about ethical conduct and norms. This talk will address the specific interventions Science Gallery Melbourne has in mind and has previously experimented with, and how our insights contribute to an accessible and inclusive debate about ethics.