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Eozin Che

Eozin Che

Lead Creative Technologist and Interactive Exhibit Developer
American Museum of Natural History

Eozin Che is in the American Museum of Natural History’s Science Visualisation Group, which produces videos, data visualisations, and emerging-media interactives to engage museum visitors with fundamental scientific concepts and important new discoveries.

Eozin is a creative technologist and media artist based in New York City. She has been creating interactive experiences that combine scientific visualisation and emerging technologies such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality. Her work leverages digital content generated by scientists and transforms the world of science into immersive media exhibits, focused on experiential storytelling in the context of cultural institutions.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Monday, 4 October 2021

Visualising your collections for immersive engagement

How can the scope, scale, and history of collections be understood when only ~3% is typically on display to the public? Collectionscope is an open source tool that visualises collections for exploration in immersive 3D digital environments. Using collection metadata, objects are plotted on multiple layouts — timeline, map, and racetrack — that can then be experienced on web and mixed reality platforms. See the Collectionscope engine in action and learn how you can use it to create custom visualisations of your collections.

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Eozin Che