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Florencia González de Langarica

Florencia González de Langarica

Grant Coordinator
Fundación Williams

Florencia González de Langarica manages funding for the museums project Ensayar Museos (Rehearsing Museums) at Fundación Williams, a non-profit organization with the aim to promote the development of science and culture in Argentina.

She worked as the Executive Coordinator for Fundación TyPA (2016-2018), were she took part of the team that create Reimagining the Museum: Conference of the Americas (Buenos Aires and Medellín Editions). Florencia has also been the Head of Education Programs for Centro Cultural Kirchner (2021-2022), Malba Museum- Fundación Costantini (2001-2013), Museum of Contemporary Art Buenos Aires MACBA (2013), Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires AMBA (2015).

Between 2022-2023 she became the General Manager at C3- Science Cultural Centre. Florencia holds a degree in museum studies (Museo Social Argentino University), Arts (Universidad de las Artes -UNA) and took a postgraduate program on public policy making (Universidad de San Andrés).

She has an unstoppable curiosity that gets her involved in different projects with the condition they always promote network thinking, exercise collaborative practice and add new possibilities to the people and organizations involved.


Florencia González de Langarica will be speaking at the Creative Museums Summit 2024:

“Let them make mistakes”: giving support for risky museum teams 

How do museum teams take the first big step towards initiating a riskier project? What could happen if they have the chance to remake an exhibition or a public program because they have already taken note of their past mistakes? “Ensayar Museos (Rehearsal Museums)” is a grant that invites Argentinean museum teams to submit bold ideas and promote innovative museum projects. Here are some of the things we found out while joining museum teams that challenge themselves to think further, along with a few suggestions to attract possible funding partners who could support your wildest projects.

Florencia González de Langarica