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Freyja Rut

Freyja Rut


Freyja Rut is the manager of 1238, and has been with the museum since its opening in 2019. Her background is in education, cultural management and marketing among other things.

Prior to joining 1238 Freyja taught textile arts and crafts and social studies before earning her masters in cultural management with emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. Along with managing the 1238 museum Freyja teaches marketing and event management at the local university



Freyja Rut is speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit :

Recreating ancient battle with new technology

1238 is an interactive museum in the North of Iceland telling the story of clans fighting to control the island in an ancient civil war.

In this presentation, Áskell Heiðar and Freyja Rut share how they used the latest digital storytelling tools to tell guests about the Icelandic sagas and created a VR experience where visitors go into battle, throw spears and rocks, and the enemies throw back at them.

Freyja Rut