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Gill Nicol

Gill Nicol

Director of Audience Engagement
Museum of Contemporary Art

Gill Nicol joined the MCA in August 2015 as Director of Audience Engagement, covering Learning, Public Programs, Marketing and Visitor Experience. Originally trained as an artist, Gill worked for over 30 years with contemporary art and audiences across the UK.

Across the last 7 years, her focus for the MCA has been to embed a culture of research and reflection, to fully understand the impact of all the many programs in place that connect different audiences with contemporary art – from Early Learning through to those with dementia and their care-partners. She is driven to make contemporary art accessible, in as many ways as possible, and for as many people as possible.

Gill was granted a Distinguished Talent visa in December 2019 to enable her to continue this work.


Gill will be speaking at:

Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit

Monday, 6th February 2023

ArtFlow: Creativity and Wellbeing

ArtFlow launched at the MCA as part of World Wellbeing week in June 2022. At its heart it’s a program centering on connection: with the MCA, the artwork, ourselves and each other. It grows out of the Australian context of bushfires, floods and COVID 19 to invite people to come together to experience contemporary art, their emotions and creative expression. ArtFlow is the result of a 2 year collaboration with The Mind Room in Melbourne, along with a team of MCA artist educators, led by Nicole Barakat. It highlights the powerful role a Museum can play in supporting wellbeing.

Gill Nicol