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Jean-Philippe Maxime Tittley

Jean-Philippe Maxime Tittley

Digital Project Manager
Musée de la civilisation

Currently working as a digital engagement strategist and project manager at the Musée de la civilisation, Jean-Philippe Maxime Tittley has specialized for ten years in the development and analysis of media and societal discourse around cultural brands. Social media and the Web are his playground.

Combining technical and theoretical skills in communication, as well as a genuine interest in society and its people, he developed for the Musée a new approach of “integrated programming for social media” based on authenticity and contemporary andragogy.

Previously, he worked in television and business customer service, after completing a bachelor’s degree in education, and attending graduate studies in French literature. He is currently pursuing an MBA in Marketing Management.

He favours collaborative, participatory and didactic values, within projects that are accessible and sympathetic to the general public… and it is precisely this approach that the Musée de la civilisation put to good use in the terrible spring of 2020!

Jean-Philippe Maxime Tittley