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Jenna Bain

Jenna Bain

Digital Projects Leader
State Library of NSW

Jenna is the State Library of NSW’s Digital Projects Leader who works on a wide range of projects that aim to improve access to and improve engagement with the Library’s collections. Jenna hopes to make a positive contribution to the Australian cultural heritage landscape by exploring opportunities for meaningful connections between community and GLAM institutions through technology.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Tuesday, 5 October 2021

To tag or not to tag… that is the question

How do you create truly meaningful user experiences with your collections when you’re dealing with huge amounts of data and files? Learn about how the State Library of NSW, Australia’s oldest library, has created a simple, enjoyable, and surprising digital collections experience with the help of artificial intelligence, crowdsourcing and almost two centuries worth of metadata to provide access to one of the country’s largest and most diverse cultural collections.

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Jenna Bain