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Jini Maxwell

Jini Maxwell


Jini Maxwell is a curator at ACMI, and the host of the Women and Non-binary Gamers’ Club. Jini is also a games journalist and cultural critic, winning the Samsung IT Journalism award for Best Games Journalist in 2021.

MuseumNext Museums, Games and Play Summit
Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Serious about play: Videogames at ACMI
ACMI is Australia’s museum of screen culture, and the only cultural institution in Australia with a curatorial and collecting focus on videogames as an artistic medium and social phenomenom. Hear from our experts as we take you through some of ACMI’s strategies in building diverse, curious and critically engaged communities through programs like Women and Non-Binary Gamers Club. We will explore approaches for creating connections between industry, the education sector and visitors through our Audience Lab program, and our learnings about the processes of curating, collecting and preserving videogames for future generations. What might a museum engaging deeply with videogames have to teach other institutions about diversity, preservation, and working directly with creators and their communities?

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Jini Maxwell