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Julie Flechoux

Julie Flechoux

Design Director, Media Design
Art Processors

As the Design Director of Media for Art Processors’ US-based experience design team, Julie Flechoux spearheads the creation of immersive digital experiences. Her expertise in interaction design and film plays a pivotal role as she collaborates with cross-functional teams.

Together, they focus on the design, art direction, and production of cutting-edge media storytelling methods. Julie’s leadership and vision are instrumental in crafting experiences that not only inspire and engage audiences but also leave a lasting impact.

Before joining Art Processors, Julie was the Visual & Experience Design Director at Gallagher & Associates, leading digital teams on a number of museums projects, including the National Museum of African American Music, The Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Experience, The New Orleans Sazerac House, International Spy Museum, College Football Hall of Fame Kia Experience, The Witte Museum of Natural History, and City of Hope.

Prior to moving to the US, she worked for some of France’s best companies’ R&D departments, leading creative UX projects on the future of in-car interface design for Peugeot commercial and concept cars. She art-directed projects for Louis Vuitton’s Innovation & Environment Lab, whilst moonlighting as a graphic designer and illustrator for fashion trends bureaus, agencies, magazines and music festivals.


Julie Flechoux is speaking at the MuseumNext Digital Summit 2024:

Disrupting the Arts: New Dimensions in Storytelling

In art and cultural experiences, disruption isn’t merely about innovation; it’s about rewriting the narratives governing how we engage with creativity. Explore novel storytelling approaches harnessing design and technology to facilitate learning and connection, inspire moments of wonder, and transform visitors into active participants. Gain valuable insights into the power of disruption to democratise art experiences, from multi-sensory immersion to celebrating the process over the product and using layered storytelling and holistic digital strategies to create new pathways through collections. Delve deep into the art world’s evolution, where we shatter traditional norms and allow new dimensions in storytelling to emerge.

Julie Flechoux