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Laura Del Greco

Laura Del Greco

Founder & CEO

Laura Del Greco is the Founder & CEO of MUSAY – a mobile first platform designed to help museums extend the reach of their existing digital content to reach younger more diverse audiences from everywhere Laura is dedicated to the art of business and has dedicated her career to helping creative people and organizations thrive.

A visionary big picture thinker & energetic entrepreneur Laura uses consumer insight & technology to unlock incremental value from legacy industries and / or intellectual property. While remaining true to a company’s mission she developed new revenue streams and products to unlock over $100+ MM in incremental value for Fortune 100 companies like Warner Bros., Turner Broadcasting, Warner Music Group and NBC Universal.

A life long lover of the museum experience, Laura is committed to helping museums increase their relevance to, and revenue from, the digital native generations via the strategic application of her entertainment media, consumer and technology expertise.

Laura Del Greco