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Lisa Bernstein

Lisa Bernstein

Doctrina Education Consulting LLC

Lisa Bernstein has worked for over two decades as an educator, literacy coach, curriculum developer, professional development facilitator and content strategist with a laser focus on empowering teachers to continually improve their practice.

With many years of experience in public school classrooms, Lisa leverages her deep knowledge about the realities of the classroom towards creating the highest quality curricula that is implemented with integrity at scale. Lisa started the English Language Arts side of the business at LearnZillion, developing the standards-aligned design and production of thousands of instructional videos, two ELA core curriculums and a library of student managed lessons to lift the quality of student writing.

Additionally, she secured the first supplemental content partner, DC Public Library, and directed the creation of two digital content lines with a focus on use in DC Public Schools.

Lisa has served on several charter school boards as well as the boards of organizations focused on children and education: The SEED DC Public Charter School, National Children’s Medical Center, Georgetown Heritage. Lisa holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Simmons College and a Masters in Teaching from American University.

Lisa Bernstein