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Luca Carli Ballola

Luca Carli Ballola

Museums of Tuscany for Alzheimer's System

Luca Carli Ballola Coordinator Museums of Tuscany for Alzheimer’s System Educator since 1989, Luca operates actions of social and cultural empowerment, on the basis of his training experience in theatre.

Since 2005 he started working with Older Fragile People, as activity coordinator at the NH ‘V. Chiarugi’, in Empoli. In 2009 he opened the first Alzheimer Café in Florence, hosted by LibriLiberi bookshop.

The following year he introduced TimeSlips method in Italy. Since 2011 he collaborates with the educational department of Palazzo Strozzi and other museums in Tuscany to design and lead programs for people with dementia. He collaborates with the organization of Alzheimer Fest.

He is a member of ReteAnimatori Empolese/Valdelsa, and of Anna, an association created to trigger social links and networks that could be reference points for older people.

Member of the coordination team of the MTA System, Luca is particularly dedicated to the dissemination and to the integration of the project with the network of health and social services for people living with dementia, through constant dialogue with medical professionals (geriatricians, neurologists) and with those in the field of care.


Luca Carli Ballola will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024 :

An alliance between Museums for Alzheimer’s: the Tuscan case

In Tuscany 26 institutions, representing 70 museums, created a formalized system, the Museum of Tuscany for Alzheimer’s System, with the aim of promoting a social change and a community response to the issue of dementia more effectively.

Luca Carli Ballola