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Mars Van Malderen

Mars Van Malderen

Marketing and Communications
Museum Hof van Busleyden

Mars Van Malderen has been a part of team Museum Hof van Busleyden since 2020.

Starting at an entry level, customer facing position, they transferred to team public and have been passionately working to make the museum more inclusive ever since. Both in communication and public mediation, their focus lies on improving accessibility for the neurodivergent community.

Mars is the co-founder of Queers without Beers Belgium, an organisation dedicated to creating safe(r) spaces for lgbtqia+ people.


Mars Van Malderen will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024:

Quiet visits and slow art: making your collection more accessible

Since 2021 Museum Hof van Busleyden has been developing ways to reach an audience who traditionally experience boundaries when visiting museums. Through quiet visits and slow art sessions people with burnout, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and many other types of neurodivergence can enjoy art at their own pace. These calming cultural experiences are open to anyone. Everyone who enjoys a low stimulus environment can join: introverts rejoice!

Mars Van Malderen