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Mary McGillivray

Mary McGillivray

Art History TikToker and Visual Culture Communicator

Mary McGillivray is an Australian art history TikToker and visual culture communicator making educational and entertaining content for the next generation of engaged media consumers.

Since 2020 she has amassed over 350k followers on TikTok and has worked with art galleries, museums and cultural institutions across Australia.

MuseumNext Digital Marketing Summit
Tuesday, 23rd November 2021

Museums on TikTok: Engaging Gen Z

TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform worldwide. With over 600 million daily users – most of them under the age of 30 – new platforms like TikTok provide a unique opportunity for museums to reach young people in a more immediate way than ever. Join art history TikToker Mary McGillivray (@_theiconoclass) to learn about how a hand full of museums across the world have leveraged this platform to reach millions, and how to access the largely untapped potential of #MuseumTikTok.

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Mary McGillivray