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May Abdalla

May Abdalla


May Abdalla works with technology to create sensory stories that help us to reimagine the world and our place in it.

In 2013 she co-founded Anagram, an award-winning creative studio specialising in thought-provoking interactive storytelling and immersive experience design. Their work has toured internationally at festivals, public space and museums.

Door Into The Dark, a blindfolded experience about being lost won the Tribeca Film Festival Storyscapes Award. The Collider, a VR installation about power dynamics was selected for Best of VR at Venice Film Festival and Best Immersive Art Award at Sandbox Festival in China.

Her project A Face To Open Doors, an encounter with an AI border guard from the future is now at the Imperial War Museum in London.

She is presently working on a VR experience about schizophrenia and gaming that explores how we create the realities we live within.

May Abdalla