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Megan Machnik

Megan Machnik

Smithsonian Institution Institutional Relations Officer
National Museum of the American Indian

Megan Machnik works in the advancement department of the National Museum of the American Indian.

In her current role, she works to connect institutional funders, corporations, foundations and tribes, with the museum’s work to achieve social justice and equity for all Native People’s. Megan has worked in the arts and culture non-profit sector for nine years, and enjoys connecting funders to inspirational organizations in her community.

She currently resides in Washington, DC.



Speaking at the Digital Income Summit
Monday 28th June

Fundraising for Pivoted Programming and Exhibitions

Unable to host visitors inside, how does a museum reimagine its purpose and work to ensure it can interact with the communities it needs to reach? How do we, as fundraising professionals, remain nimble in our approach to secure funds through new channels? How do we ensure we remain true to who we are as a museum during this process? All these questions and more will be answered and discussed in this session.

Megan Machnik