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Neal Bilow

Neal Bilow

Founder & CEO

With more than 20 years in the digital asset management industry, Neal Bilow is known for his leadership and ability to translate strategic, organisational and business goals into technology solutions that work.

He is a respected member of the media, entertainment, and technology industries, and is recognised internationally for his innovative methods of identifying and unblocking digital supply chain obstacles, across all markets.

Marrying his skills with his passion for cultural institutions, Neal is now bringing his expertise in DAM to empower museums to be their very best in this digital age.

Notably, Neal is also Founder and Managing Partner of Chromata Solutions, a leading consultancy in the digital asset management and the content supply chain from development to distribution and everything in between. He is a founding and active member of CASDAM (Center for Advanced Studies in Digital Asset Management). A sampling of Neal’s client portfolio include Disney, A&E, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

MuseumNext Digital Marketing Summit
Tuesday, 23 November 2021

The Channels that Make Us: Tackling Platform and Channel Management in Digital Marketing

Join Terentia for a panel discussion focused on platform and channel management for digital marketing and communication teams.

How can teams take advantage of new and emerging platforms? What about maximizing your brand assets for telling compelling stories? Watch the discussion on making the most out of the communications and marketing channels within your institution’s digital ecosystem.

Find the full schedule here

Neal Bilow