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Nicholas Hodder

Nicholas Hodder

Assistant Director of Digital Transformation
Imperial War Museums

Nick has worked for over two decades across technology and digital transformation, developing strategy and working with brands such as EY, Sun Microsystems, BA, Microsoft and Google.

Passionate about technology disruption especially in the non-profit sector Nick works with and studies key transformational technologies such as Blockchain, NFTs, AI, Machine Learning and VR/AR, but dedicates most of his time to trying to better understand people and leadership within a fast-moving digital landscape.

Now working with IWM on an ambitious digital transformation, Nick’s focus is on culture, innovation and adapting to change.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Tuesday, 11 October 2022

Is it time to take the “Metaverse” seriously?

OK, so it seems like a silly question. What’s the “Metaverse”? It’s a ridiculous, incoherent, poorly defined / undefined concept. Doesn’t it just mean whatever the YouTube influencer shilling it to you wants it to mean? However, Google, Microsoft and Facebook (Sorry, I mean “Meta”), seem to be taking this seriously to the tune of billions of dollars. Should we start to take this thing a bit more seriously? Couched with this Metaverse concept is also an idea around digital ownership enabled via blockchain. There might be revenue here, as well as some deeper engagement with harder to reach audiences.

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Nicholas Hodder