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Professor Katherine Boydell

Professor Katherine Boydell

Professor of Mental Health
University of New South Wales

Professor Katherine Boydell is an internationally recognised leader in qualitative inquiry and arts-based knowledge translation in mental health care. Currently, she is Professor of Mental Health and Director, Arts-based Knowledge Translation [AKT] Lab at the Black Dog Institute and School of Psychiatry and Mental Health at the University of New South Wales.

She has published over 265 articles in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters including Qualitative Methods in Early Psychosis and Applying Body Mapping in Research.


Professor Katherine Boydell will be speaking at the Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit 2024:

A Framework for Action: Bringing the arts and mental health together

Do you relax by watching a film, reading a novel, listening to music, drawing or painting? Stop and think about how these activities affect your overall health. Art can produce feelings of joy, relaxation, and social inclusion, and can drastically improve mental health and wellbeing. A growing body of evidence shows that museums can bring benefits to individual and community health and wellbeing in their role as public forums, including helping people to make sense of the world and their place within it. This talk highlights the development and outcomes of arts engagement programs that bridge countries.

Professor Katherine Boydell