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Sacha Coward

Sacha Coward

Museum Freelancer, Queer Historian and Escape Room Designer

Sacha Coward is a museum freelancer, queer historian and escape room designer. He has been working in museums around the world for well over 10 years where he has earned a reputation at creating exciting and immersive experiences. He is also a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion within the sector.

MuseumNext Museums, Games and Play Summit
Wednesday, 2 March 2022

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Videogames: For many they may bring to mind time wasting, images of teenagers staring at screens and a sad detachment from reality. 

As a gamer, a historian and a museum worker I want to explore how this thinking is… just wrong! Videogames are an art form, and I want to explore how museums, arts and heritage sites can use videogames to explore the collections, diversify their audiences and become more playful.

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Sacha Coward