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Sander Pieterse

Sander Pieterse

Coordinating Information Developer
Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Sander Pieterse is the Coordinating Information Developer at the Collection Information Department of Naturalis Biodiversity Center. His work focuses on unlocking the natural history museum’s species and specimen information.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Wednesday, 6 October 2021

Expedition Online: A digital journey through natural history collections

42 million objects in our vast natural history collection and only a few thousand to be admired in our museum. To make the whole collection accessible to our museum audience, we are building Expedition Online. Through a partnership between Naturalis, Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam, Q42 (internet bureau) and Fabrique (design studio), each party’s expertise is used to allow visitors to explore and research objects and stories based on their own interests, but also to give them the opportunity to create their own story.

In this session, we share how we have jointly tackled the technical, accessibility, design and educational challenges.

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Sander Pieterse