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Sarah Pousty

Sarah Pousty

Art Therapist

Sarah Pousty is a Registered Art Therapist and New York State Licensed Creative Arts Therapist. Sarah has worked in museums throughout New York City since 2003 and developed, facilitated, and supervised the Children’s Museum of the Arts ARTogether Program (2010-2020).

In addition to her museum-based work Sarah has provided therapeutic services as part of a trauma-informed milieu for survivors of domestic violence, treatment for young children as part of an outpatient mental health clinic, and continues to provide therapeutic art making opportunities for families in medical settings.


Sarah will be speaking at:

Museums, Health & Wellbeing Summit

Monday, 6th February 2023

Do you see what I see? Art as a Tool for Healing

How can museums support community well-being by addressing the needs of its healthcare workers?  What does an effective healing experience for hospital staff suffering from emotional exhaustion and burnout look like? Over the last year the Arts in Medicine Program at New York City Health + Hospitals–the largest municipal health system in this country–in partnership with the Brooklyn Museum, has been providing opportunities for staff members across the hospital system to reduce stress and connect with one another. Program leaders will share how they have worked together to provide experiences that relieve stress, foster connections, and provide a calm and empathetic space for self-care for hospital administrators, custodians, doctors, drivers, nurses, residents, and more.

Sarah Pousty