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Tilly Boleyn

Tilly Boleyn

Head of Curatorial
Science Gallery Melbourne

Tilly Boleyn is Head of Curatorial at Science Gallery Melbourne. Basically, she’s a massive nerd, curious about the world and everything in it. Her background is in museums, galleries, education, festivals, broadcasting and research. Originally a microbiologist, Tilly ran from the lab to the ABC, where she discovered a talent for science gossip – talking about other people’s science rather than doing her own.

She is a collaborative creature who has curated exhibitions on health, medicine, experimentation, the voice, engineering, sustainability and different perspectives around mental health. Tilly is delighted by blurring the boundaries between science, art, design, technology, maths, engineering, large-scale-batteries-powered-by-human-urine and doing things she’s told aren’t allowed.

MuseumNext Green Museums Summit
Monday 28th March 2022

The Art and Science of a Greener Gallery
At a time of urgency for global action on the climate crisis, how can science and creativity shape a greener gallery? Through radical architecture, engineering, curatorial practice and exhibition production, Science Gallery Melbourne at The University of Melbourne has boldly begun a journey to be a sustainable place for social change. Creative design has ensured green energy production and reduced exhibition waste, and a youth-focused program of exhibitions regularly explores creative solutions to waste and climate change through the collision of art and science.

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Tilly Boleyn