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Angela May

Angela May

Associate Director of Learning and Engagement
Birmingham Museum of Art

Angela May is the Associate Director of Learning and Engagement at the Birmingham Museum of Art where she focuses on visitor engagement, digital interpretation, and asynchronous virtual educational resources, like the Asian art resource website Culture Bridge: eLearning Across Asia.

She is an art historian with a specialisation in Southeast Asian art. Her research explores the hybridisation of popular religions in Thailand as reflected in the art form of Sak Yant tattooing practices.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Advancing Digital Education Beyond Traditional In-Gallery Strategies

Using the BMA’s newly launched free and accessible educational website Culture Bridge: eLearning Across Asia as a guide, this session will demonstrate how converting pre-existing in-gallery digital interactives into online teacher resources as means to advance (not replicate) museum experiences—as well as utilizing low-cost technology like Google Slides in new ways—is not only a game-changer for museums with a small budget, but also for educators trying to bridge the widening gaps between classroom engagement, reduced museum tour offerings, and asynchronous learning.

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Angela May