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Augustin Pagenot

Augustin Pagenot

Deputy Head of Cultural Outreach
Centre Pompidou

Deputy Head of Cultural Outreach at Centre Pompidou with a degree in art history and cultural management. Augustin has developed an expertise in the management of cultural projects, and more specifically in museums. As a curious, rigorous and enthusiastic museophile, his only vocation is the success of the projects he manages and the support of its actors.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Monday, 6th June 2022

A Conversational AI Guide at Centre Pompidou

Talk to our chatbot, it will tell you all about the Centre Pompidou: answer your practical questions and give you a personalized tour of the permanent collection with exclusive content. With nearly 17 000 users in two months, and one out of five visitors using it in the collection, the chatbot quickly found its public. The Centre Pompidou’s chatbot combines in one accessible tool designed to be the voice of the institution, several services for the public: practical by answering the public’s questions and transmission by delivering interactive narrative on nearly 150 artworks of the museum’s collection.

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Augustin Pagenot