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Colin Mulberg

Colin Mulberg

Colin Mulberg Consulting

Colin Mulberg, Director, Colin Mulberg Consulting has over 25 years practice in putting visitors at the heart of venues. He supports organisations to gain insight into their visitors and then use this to drive change. He helps develop their audiences, form great experiences and compelling offers for them, find opportunities to increase earned income and create a vision for future development. This session draws on work with a range of museums, arts and heritage across the UK and internationally to explore the impact of the pandemic and how venues can respond.

Colin is a registered National Lottery UK Consultant, a Council Member for international consultants Gerson Lehrman Group and member of Experience UK, the trade body for companies that design, create and deliver world class visitor destinations.

He trained as a designer, focussing on the interaction between people, products and spaces. For 12 years Colin was Major Projects Interpretation Coordinator at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London playing a senior role in developing high quality galleries and facilities. He applied a range of commercial research and design techniques to the deep understanding of different audiences and to analysing how visitors experience cultural spaces. He used this work to help shape many leading and award-winning projects in the museum sector.

MuseumNext Growing Audiences Summit
Monday, 9th May 2022

Covid-19 pandemic: are your visitors the same as before?
The pandemic has been difficult for many venues but has also been a long and intense experience for most visitors. Though it is difficult to predict what the future holds, there are some indicators of shifts in what visitors value and want from their visit as well as trends in new work, living and leisure patterns. This session looks at some of the key changes to visitors, the implications for museums and the opportunities to play to our strengths.

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Colin Mulberg