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Dan Lusby

Dan Lusby

Freelance Motion Graphic Designer

Dan is an award-winning motion designer and director for screen, immersive installations, museums and global visitor attractions.

In 2021 his collaborative efforts were awarded with a Museums and Heritage award for Gloucester History Festival, which was judged to be a major step towards integrating and connecting its community despite the global pandemic.

He is currently in the role of creative director across a number of new high-profile heritage projects in and around the UK.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Tuesday 7th December

New Approaches to Storytelling

All hell’s broken loose at Milton’s Cottage! Expect demonic takeovers, avenging angels and epic battles as we share the augmented reality (AR) app that offers a new way to experience Milton’s only surviving residence.

He came here during a previous pandemic – the Great Plague of 1665 – to complete Paradise Lost. So it seems fitting that Milton’s Cottage has used the Covid-19 lockdown to create an entirely new take on his best-known work.

Join the Director of Milton’s Cottage, who commissioned the app, in conversation with the innovative AR team who have brought new life, and new stories, to the museum.

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Dan Lusby