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Ellen Oredsson

Ellen Oredsson

Digital Projects Officer
The National Archives

Ellen Oredsson is the Digital Projects Officer in the Education & Outreach team at The National Archives (UK). She works across the team to create digital and online resources and projects that bring to life the archive’s collection for educators, students, and community groups. Previously, she was Web Content Editor at M+, a museum of visual culture in Hong Kong.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Wednesday, 8th June 2022

Putting 1,000 years of archives online for learners and communities

The National Archives (UK) contains over 11 million documents covering 1,000 years of history. Primary documents are some of the most important but difficult-to-access resources for educators, students, young people, and community groups to use. This is how the Online Education team at TNA makes our collection not only available but engaging and useful online, and how the pandemic has encouraged us to evolve and grow.

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Ellen Oredsson