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Glenn Arthur Ricci

Glenn Arthur Ricci

Outreach Curator
Übersee-Museum Bremen

Glenn Arthur Ricci is an Outreach Curator at the Übersee-Museum Bremen.

With a background in historical archaeology and cultural anthropology spanning over a decade, his passion lies in fostering connections with overseas communities. His work is dedicated to sharing the museum’s collection and collaborating with these communities to gain invaluable insights directly from their perspectives.


Glenn Arthur Ricci will be speaking at the Museums & Social Media Summit 2023:

Empowering Global Communities to Share Collection Stories

The Oceania Collection Voyages page takes visitors across various cultures and times by presenting the ethnographic collection of the Übersee-Museum Bremen (Northern Germany).

This project reaches across the globe to Oceania and beyond, inviting communities to observe and share their experiences, stories, and insights about historical ethnographic treasures. With many objects never before seen by Pacific communities, this groundbreaking social media project amplifies their stories.

It promotes captivating conversations that shape the museum’s understanding through formative insights and emotional connections that foster a vibrant cross-cultural dialogue where history meets modern connectivity.

Glenn Arthur Ricci