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Hiram Bingham

Hiram Bingham

Active Image

Hiram Bingham, Chief Executive Officer, is a highly experienced entrepreneur. Born in New York City, he gained an international perspective on culture and commerce early on, living in the US, England and Canada as a child and traveling to Europe every year. His passion for art, culture and literature has enriched his life from his earliest childhood. He particularly enjoys the theater and visual arts.

For over 20 years he has managed and grown B2C and B2B online platforms. Most recently he founded and ran Voycer Digital GmbH (Munich), a B2B SaaS platform for brands. His specialty is digital transformation – from strategy to implementation. He holds a BA in English from the University of Colorado Boulder and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Expanding Exhibitions with Unique Digitals

The German Film Museum in Frankfurt was the perfect location for a 20-minute company presentation by Active Image. AI’s founder, Henning Lohner, and CEO, Hiram Bingham, filmed a corporate presentation for the Museum Next Summit in London – right on the spot, where film-lovers, connoisseurs, and collectors usually visit exhibitions on international film history.

Professional, knowledgeable, and personable, the two entrepreneurs explained in an open dialogue how the partnership between Active Image and the DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum can support the DFF’s digital strategy.

Over the past four years, Active Image, a marketplace for unique digital art, has worked with the Deutsches Filmmuseum (DFF) to address five core elements to enhance both its physical and online capabilities. These elements included introducing interactive features to the museum, digital content, improving visitor reach, and online revenue streams, as well as digital transformation.

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Hiram Bingham