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Jesper Magnusson

Jesper Magnusson

Peace House

Jesper Magnusson is director of the Peace House which is a innovative pedagogical hub. Since the start in 2007 the Peace House has educated more than 100 000 students. Creativity is in focus while building pedagogical tools and exhibitions.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Game Show

What originally was supposed to be an entertaining pedagogical tool about sustainable development finally ended up as a semi digital steam punk exhibition.

What happened and how? When we first started the discussion about how to get young people involved in the sustainable development goals we soon realised we had a brilliant idea. 15 test groups later we finally had a draft of the workshop it self. But what was the way forward?

Almost 200 workshops later students have come a cross the game show in class rooms, museums, shopping malls and cultural centres. Come join the steam punk circus.

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Jesper Magnusson