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Jess Murray

Jess Murray

Social Media Manager
Natural History Museum

Jess Murray is Social Media Manager at the Natural History Museum where she has led the organisation through a successful TikTok launch, pioneered the use of illustration on the brand’s channels and manages a team of content creators to achieve over 2.3 million engagements across Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok last year.


Jess Murray will be speaking at the Museums & Social Media Summit 2023:

From Prehistoric to Pioneering

What happens when you stop treating social media as broadcast channels and start focusing on having valuable, meaningful and playful two-way interactions with your audience? Learn how the Natural History Museum achieves over 2.3m social media engagements each year by focusing on channel-specific content strategies that deliver value for fans and followers. Get the inside scoop on our TikTok launch and how we achieved our first 1m-view video within three months, the lessons we’ve learned along the way along with the challenges we still have to tackle.

Jess Murray