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Joanna Iranowska

Joanna Iranowska

Senior Curator of Photography
MiA – Museums in Akershus

Joanna Iranowska is Senior Curator of Photography collections at the MiA – Museums in Akershus, Oslo, Norway. She holds a PhD in museology and cultural history from University of Oslo, and she is passionate about digital tools enabling keeping museum collections up to date for the young generation.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Tuesday, 6th December 2022

Attracting Younger Non-Museum Goers Through Curated Digital Experiences

What does the future virtual museum look like? How can we use today’s technology to bring our collections and a global audience together? For two years, MiA together with KulturIT, Anno museum and Museums in Østfold, have been developing a cutting-edge platform for digital storytelling: Virtual Museum. The aim is to reach out to a younger audience who are not visiting museums today through various interactive formats and immersive experiences. By opening and making our collections available and inclusive, we are developing a new standard for digital museum storytelling in Norway and Sweden.

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Joanna Iranowska