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Laura McBride

Laura McBride

Australian Museum

Laura McBride is a Wailwan and Kooma woman and Director, First Nations at the Australian Museum (AM). In this role on the AM Executive Leadership Team, McBride leads the First Nations strategic direction and operations, as well as managing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Pasifika collections. Laura’s vision for the AM centres on prioritising and amplifying First Nations voices so that Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, and Pacific communities represent themselves and their cultures within the Museum.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Unsettled at the Australian Museum

Australia’s foundation story is more than the voyage of James Cook or the arrival of the First Fleet. It is a history of the seizure of land from First Nations peoples, denial of Indigenous sovereignty, and devastating frontier wars.

In the powerful exhibition Unsettled, First Nations voices reveal the hidden stories of devastation, survival, and the fight for recognition. These first-hand accounts are presented through immersive digital experiences and artworks, colonial documents, and objects from the Australian Museum collections.

Hear from Unsettled’s curators and the producers of the Digital Twin Experience (DTX) documenting this important exhibition.

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Laura McBride