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Lea Juliane Lutz

Lea Juliane Lutz

Deputy Head of the Team Outreach and Mediation
City Museum Berlin

Lea Juliane Lutz (*1991) is the deputy head of the team outreach and mediation of the City Museum Berlin. As one of two experts for participation of the institution, she (co-)develops participatory processes, methods and projects. After creating the WELTSTUDIO in the BERLIN GLOBAL-exhibition in the Humboldt Forum, together with Constanze Schröder (team lead outreach and mediation), she is now working on the so-called “museum and creativity district”, which includes the historic city museum “Märkisches Museum” as well as a creative activity centre (Opening 2026).

Lea Juliane Lutz holds a Master’s degree in cultural studies and communication from the universities of Nice (France), Sofia (Bulgaria) and Frankfurt a.d. Oder (Germany).

MuseumNext Creative Museums Summit
Tuesday, 28th June 2022

Creative Methods of mapping your “glocal” connections

The WELTSTUDIO is a place for workshops and education, for participation, and for alliances with various groups. In a 500sqm area, you will be encouraged to exchange ideas about Berlin in the world and the world in Berlin, and to become active together in a surprising and unconventional way. The WELTSTUDIO features three cartographers specially designed for this space. Visitors experience various methods of making maps in a new and creative way, and can critically question those methods. The three cartographers; the weaving cartographer, the body cartographer and the rolling cartographer, focus on your individual and shared connections with Berlin and the world.

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Lea Juliane Lutz