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Marie Fazio

Marie Fazio

Education Coordinator
New York Transit Museum

Marie Fazio is Education Coordinator at the New York Transit Museum where she assists in organising, planning, and overseeing educational programs.

Prior to this role she worked as an Educator, teaching students and adults ages Pre-K through seniors. She has worked at the museum since the Fall of 2015. She received her BA from The George Washington University with a major in Fine Arts and Art History and a Minor in Mathematics.

She holds a Master’s in Museum Education from The City College of New York. She has a specific interest in accessibility and co-presented on the topic of virtual accessibility at the 2020 ASTC conference.

MuseumNext Digital Summit
Tuesday, 7th June 2022

Moving Beyond a Traditional Model for Access Programs

How can museums move beyond traditional program models to be responsive to their audiences? The New York Transit Museum developed an in-depth program over a decade ago for neurodivergent students by listening to the needs of an audience already visiting. The program builds on shared interests to support interaction, provides a context for navigating social situations, and develops students’ confidence. During the pandemic, the Museum realised that connection for students was more important than ever and developed ways to continue to be responsive to audiences through an online program. Learn about the unique approaches to program development and pandemic-related shifts.

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Marie Fazio