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Nik Wyness

Nik Wyness

Head of Marketing and Engagement
The Tank Museum

Nik Wyness is Head of Marketing and Engagement at The Tank Museum in Dorset.

He has led the digital transformation of this rural regimental Museum and registered charity, creating an industry-leading strategy in the development and monetisation of a global online community.

The Tank Museum tells the story of the tank and the people that served in them, with a collection of over 300 vehicles dating from World War One to the present day, displayed in modern awe-inspiring exhibitions. But the Museum’s rural location poses an ever-present challenge – how to make people aware it exists?

With the simple objective of “Being more famous” and a passion for powerful historical stories, Nik used social media channels like Facebook and YouTube to begin building a niche following worldwide.

This laid the foundations for a base of advocacy and support that would lead to 27% of the Museum’s total 2022 turnover generated online in 2022.

Nik Wyness