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Rebecca Doyle

Rebecca Doyle

Sir John Monash Centre

Rebecca Doyle is the Director of the Sir John Monash Centre, an interactive and immersive Centre in France that tells the stories of the Australian soldiers who served on the Western Front in the First World War.

Rebecca has worked for the Australian Government for 15 years and took up this post based in France late 2020, 3 days before France entered an 8-month confinement period.

The perils of starting a job as the Director of a museum that had to close its doors led to the opportunity to re-invent how to do her job.

MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Can an immersive and interactive centre still offer an experience online?

The challenge for the Sir John Monash Centre was how to bring the immersive and interactive experience they offer, into an online world.

The process of the digital ‘pivot’ challenged us for a long time, with the Centre based on the journey it takes visitors on as they move through the museum, with interactive touch-screens, moving parts, sounds and light.

The shift came through offering virtual tours, being able to reach school students on the other side of the world, and creating entirely new content.

This talk will share the journey, the challenges, and new ideas generated.

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Rebecca Doyle