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Samantha Diamond

Samantha Diamond

VP of Digital Strategy

Samantha is VP of Digital Strategy at Axiell Group, a multinational IT solutions company serving the cultural, library, and education sectors. Previously, Samantha was Founder and CEO of CultureConnect, an award-winning technology company delivering engaging mobile & digital experiences to the culture sector.

In Sept 2020, she led CultureConnect’s acquisition by Axiell and now leads the corporate group’s global strategy for audience-facing solutions, building the company’s product, partnership, and acquisition strategy.

MuseumNext Digital Collections Summit
Tuesday, 11 October 2022

How to care about digital transformation when you have 300 emails in your inbox

Samantha Diamond shares how leading institutions are connecting their museum management systems to empower broader, smarter use of collections data across a variety of channels, both internal and external. Samantha acknowledges that “digital transformation” can seem like an impossibly nebulous task, especially alongside already tight budgets and team bandwidths.

This talk aims to give you an easy entry point for integrating systems for efficiency and scalability. You will leave this talk with actionable next steps for creating foundational digital change today that will enable nimble innovation tomorrow.

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Samantha Diamond