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Sierra LaDuke

Sierra LaDuke

Send it Social

Sierra LaDuke, the other co-founder of Send it Social, brings a wealth of experience in nonprofit social media management.

She collaborated with Rachel and Maria during a three-year stint at The Tech Interactive, where she grew their TikTok following to over 250,000 and produced multiple viral educational videos.

Equipped with a journalism education and hands-on experience in video production, Sierra is committed to blending museum education with great storytelling and smart social media strategy.


Sierra LaDuke will be speaking at the Museums & Social Media Summit 2023:

Old Reels, New Feels

Have old exhibit videos gathering dust in your museum’s archive? We’ll show you how to breathe new life into your existing content with our proven 4-step process.

This formula skyrocketed engagement for the Computer History Museum in 2023. We’ll show real examples, share the frameworks we swear by, and reveal the cutting-edge tools that help us create viral videos.

Sierra LaDuke