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Spencer Clark

Spencer Clark

Managing Director
ATS Heritage

Spencer’s inherent enthusiasm for creativity, technology and visitor experience has seen his team at ATS deliver award-winning, innovative solutions to world-class attractions. He believes strongly that organisations should be careful not to adopt technology for technology’s sake, but rather choose what does the best job at maximising the reach of their content.

Spencer originally studied Product Design and Marketing and in his early career began creating products and services that broke down barriers and provided greater accessibility for people with disabilities.

After 10 years at ATS, Spencer was recently appointed Managing Director where he is looking forward to launching new visitor focused solutions for the sector.


MuseumNext Digital Exhibitions Summit
Monday 6 December 2021

Reimagining the Online Exhibition: Churchill at Blenheim Palace

When faced with the choice of simulating the on-site experience or creating something brand new, the team behind ‘Churchill at Blenheim Palace’ decided to start from scratch on an online experience that supported and complimented the physical exhibition.

Taking its cues from the main exhibition, the online experience was the co-creation of ATS and the team at Blenheim Palace. The result is a multimedia production that includes videos, interactive games, quizzes and items from the collection.

In this talk we reveal more about the creative process, the challenges overcome and tips for other organisations.

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Spencer Clark