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Trisha Shrum

Trisha Shrum


Trisha Shrum, Ph.D., co-founder: Trisha is co-founder of DearTomorrow and an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont. She earned her Ph.D. in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School specialising in behavioural science and environmental economics.

In her work on how intergenerational framing can affect support for climate change mitigation, she developed the fundamental concept that underlies DearTomorrow. She credits her oldest daughter, Eleanor, and Christiana Figueres for the critical inspiration.

She holds a B.A. in Environmental Science and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Kansas and a Masters in Environmental Science at the Yale School of Forestry. Dr. Shrum has been studying and analysing climate change economics, behaviour, and policy for over a decade.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Participatory Creation of Digital Collections

How can museums engage in critical dialogue with diverse communities near and far? How can participatory works be curated in compelling and immersive ways? DearTomorrow, an award-winning storytelling project, brings the present into dialogue with the future to inspire deep thinking and bold action on climate. With thousands of personal letters, photos, videos, and audio recordings in their digital collection, DearTomorrow is one of the first and largest climate storytelling projects in the world. Learn about DearTomorrow’s strategies for engaging diverse communities in generative co-creation, along with tangible examples of how to transform digital collections into immersive and inspirational exhibits.

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Trisha Shrum