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Ylva Hillström

Ylva Hillström

Learning Curator
Moderna Museet

Ylva Hillström works as a curator with the Learning department at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. She holds an MA in Art History and has a special interest in esoteric currents in early 20th century art. She also has a strong engagement in environmental issues.

In 2016, she initiated Moderna Museet’s online platform Acclimatize, where people could upload creative responses to the climate crisis and draw inspiration from interviews with renowned artists. Furthermore, she has initiated several other programs and activities relating to sustainability and climate change, and is currently part of collaboration with SLU (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) financed by the Mistra Environmental Communication program.

Ylva took part in the Julie’s Bicycle Creative Climate Leadership programme in 2021.

Speaking at Green Museums Summit 2023:

An Art Intervention for the Climate

Imagine a high-level environmental meeting with hundreds of delegates on a beautiful summer day in Stockholm. Now imagine a Turner-prize-winning artist who creates an artwork where the delegates and thousands of other people are given climate-friendly energy bars, or edible sculptures if you will, to remind them that food has an enormous impact on the climate. That same day five thousand school children are served a future food lunch with insect protein. Do you see it? You are looking at Moderna Museet’s recent project with Jeremy Deller. Tune in to hear the whole story.

Ylva Hillström