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Zeina Dghaim

Zeina Dghaim

Visual Artist, Educator, and PhD Candidate
Western University

Zeina is a visual artist, educator, and PhD Candidate at Western University. She’s currently transforming a collection of artefacts from the Aga Khan Museum into interactive digital stories and programs for people of all ages. She uses animation, hover n’ click techniques and other design elements to present artefacts in a new light.

Her research and work focus on unique storytelling and the user experience, so visitors are driven by curiosity and motivated to explore cultural objects by reimagining collections in new ways.

MuseumNext Digital Learning Summit
Wednesday, 20 October 2021

An Adventure Through Time & Space: Museum Objects In Motion

Do you think artefacts are boring? Think again. Every object tells a story. I present to you an Adventure Through Time & Space. A story about four objects from the Aga Khan Museum collection. An astrolabe, a manuscript (101 Nights) – not 1001 -, a lampstand, and a basil pot (Alfabeguer). An innovative approach combining music and motion design to renew artefacts from museum collections, showing their beauty, functionality, and stories.

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Zeina Dghaim