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Film: Citizen Driven Research at Museums and Science Centers

Citizen driven research is a social movement in which citizens practice Do-It-Yourself Biology (DIY’Bio) using the same methods as professional research institutions. This is empowering citizens, expanding amateur expertise and turning ideas into products and solutions.

Adopting and enhancing the principals and methodologies of DIY’Bio is an innovative way for museums to embed an ethos of active and ‘real’ research into their institutions that goes beyond the more traditional workshop, tinkering and design, make, play activities. This 20 minute presentation shows how Bio labs can be used as a model for implementing citizen driven research institutions within museums.

Ricardo shows how DIY Bio spaces and maker culture can play a role in reversing traditional roles within the museum and how we can adapt community labs to become a fundamental part of museums with transformational results.

Ricardo Mutuberria, Director of External Programs, Genspace spoke about Citizen Driven Research at Museums and Science Centers at MuseumNext Rotterdam in 2017.

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